Paragon PsychConnect provides comprehensive psychology and counselling services to a broad range of clients that are tailored to their specific needs.  We all share a passion for health and helping people to achieve a better life.

We specialize in Pain Management and Anxiety Management (read our blog on Meerkat Anxiety Therapy).

We work with you to determine your goals and together develop practical solutions and personalised health care. One size does not fit all!

Our interventions are as creative as our team, as we think outside the box.

We base our interventions on the evidence of current science that underlines health conditions coupled with a healthy dose of creativity. We believe that a bit of fun and silliness will make everything work better.

“Our goal, is to achieve your goals”.

Our diverse team will help you develop the skills of Purpose, Practice and Persistence when you choose Paragon PsychConnect.

PURPOSE - Everyone is full of possibilities – act with purpose.

PRACTICE - It’s just a wish unless you put it into practice.

PERSISTENCE - A good life is a process not a destination.

The team at Paragon PsychConnect value respect and integrity above all else. Respect for differences and diversity in our clients and our staff. Our integrity shines a light on the services we offer and the passion we bring to all our interactions.

We treat many psychological conditions using various interventions that are tailored to your needs. We are also hypnotherapists and can use this technique to assist in managing some common conditions - stopping smoking, eating healthy, phobias etc.

While we have lots of knowledge about many conditions, we don't know everything.  We won't accept you as a client if we don't believe we can help you.

Services can be provided face2face, Telehealth and self-paced online.

Single service assessments can be undertaken in Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills, the Barossa Valley, and McLaren Vale (Fleurieu Peninsula).

While we treat most psychological conditions, we do specialise in a few areas.

We have a great deal of knowledge in helping people to manage pain and anxiety and we keep current with the latest research in these areas.  Read our blogs on Meerkat Anxiety Therapy and pain Pain Facts 1 Blog , Pain Facts 2 Blog , Pain Facts 3 Blog .

We also run a number of innovative group programs where we use humour and fun to facilitate learning.  It is exciting for us to see the people completing these programs often act as coaches for friends and family.

The welcoming experience starts when you first enter our practice – our clients tell us that they feel at home immediately even though those great polished floor boards are painfully hard to keep clean (we now love them also).

The plants, multiple Meerkats and Lego extravaganza helps with the calmness and quirkiness of our practice. Yes, our Admin Manager, Angela, is a Lego Queen!

We have gone out of our way to make sure clients feel at home because we know coming to discuss their health is often a confronting time and anxiety provoking. Our rooms also reflect our personality – you will find the meerkat mob in Maria’s room waiting to help with anxiety.  Children especially like the Meerkat Mob and adults love the metaphor of the anxious Meerkat Brain.

Who doesn't love Meerkats!

Clients and doctors often ask us "Why Meerkats"?  They are everywhere - even on our building sign.

Meerkats are fascinating creatures, known for their social dynamics and cooperative behaviour.  Meerkats live in groups known as mobs, clans, or gangs, usually consisting of 20+ individuals.

The team at Paragon PsychConnect operate like a Meerkat Mob. We share the roles at work and provide clients with a Therapy Team (or mob!), not just as an individual therapist.

The Meerkat has become our symbol of the overly anxious brain and used in our Meerkat Anxiety Therapy Program (read our blog on Meerkat Anxiety Therapy).

Brucee is our original Meerkat mascot but he has since built up a large mob to support us at Paragon PsychConnect and he has written an Ode to our Meerkat Mob.

Clients often buy us meerkats – see how many you can spot in reception and in our rooms. No… don’t get a prize, but it does show how observant you are.

Meerkat Sponsorship

Paragon PsychConnect is proudly sponsoring the Gorge Wildlife Park Meerkat Mob.

Our Meerkat mascot Brucee, is very excited about our sponsorship, and he had the chance to meet the Park Meerkat Mob and their brilliant keeper Shaz!  The Park Meerkat Mob also meet Brucee's Meerkat mob!

Our team members have had a wonderful Meerkat Encounter experience with the feeding of the Meerkats at the Gorge Wildlife Park.

Meerkat Baby

We are now the proud parents of a new baby Meerkat at the Gorge Wildlife Park !  We were given the amazing privilege of naming the new male baby Meerkat - Keyta.

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This is a picture of Keyta, the adorable new baby Meerkat at Gorge Wildlife Park.It’s no secret that Maria and the team love meerkats, and the Meerkat Mob is often the first thing people see when they come to our rooms.We have a multitude of clients carrying meerkats around Adelaide from a 10-year-old who takes her Meerkat to school, to a 45-year-old truck driver who carries him in his backpack and a 69-year-old man who has them in the garden.Would you like to know where and why this adoration started?Visit the link below to read more about the link between meerkats and anxiety, and how the Paragon PsychConnect Meerkat Anxiety Therapy programs came into ... See MoreSee Less
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Therapy dogs are so common these days, why not be unique and try a therapy meerkat instead? If you’ve ever worked with us, you’ll know that we love our team of meerkat therapists.Brucee is the Paragon PsychConnect meerkat, and he and his friends feature prominently in our unique Meerkat Anxiety Programs. Click the link below to find out more about how meerkats can help you with your goals. #MentalHealth #Pain #Wellbeing #Psychology #NDIS #AlliedHealth #Adelaide #SouthAustralia ... See MoreSee Less
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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is like that unwelcome guest who refuses to leave the party. ⚡ It's a chronic pain condition that can develop after an injury, surgery, or even without any apparent cause. ⚡ Imagine your body's pain alarm system going haywire, sending constant pain signals to your brain, even though the injury has healed. ⚡ CRPS can cause intense pain, swelling, changes in skin temperature and colour, and stiffness in the affected limb.⚡ It's like your body is throwing a temper tantrum, and no amount of soothing seems to calm it down. ⚡ Living with CRPS can feel like navigating a maze with no exit, but with proper treatment and support, many people find ways to manage the pain and reclaim their lives.At Paragon PsychConnect we’ve developed a unique 10-week group program designed to rewire your brain's response to pain, helping to reduce the intensity and frequency of CRPS symptoms.Find out more and register your interest now at ... See MoreSee Less
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The Team at Paragon PsychConnect deal with a broad range of psychological conditions, and we use a variety of practical interventions.

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