We love running individual and group programs and not just because they are great fun! Group programs allow us to share group wisdom and opportunities to also learn from the other participants.

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Pain Therapy Programs

Our Pain Therapy Programs have evolved from a long history of running pain programs in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs. Our significant experience in this field has taught us some important lessons regarding treating persistent pain. These lessons have formed the structure and design of the programs.

We are also providing education programs designed to prevent persistent pain from developing.

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Meerkat Anxiety Therapy Programs

At least a quarter of Australians aged 16 to 85 have experienced an anxiety disorder at some stage in their life. However, we sometimes forget that children have anxiety also and the numbers are growing.

The Meerkat Therapy Program looks at innovative ways of managing anxiety and training you to achieve resilience and calm.

This is run as a 10-week group program, 90 minutes once a week.

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SOMNI Sleep Therapy Program

Have you always had poor sleep?  Maybe your sleep has changed due to pain or stress and you haven’t been able to change it back.

Studies show that we need to have good sleep for both good physical and mental health. But most importantly, good sleep is necessary for Brain health.

Our group program is 6 sessions and is run over three weeks (90 minutes twice a week).

The program includes education about sleep, reducing and helping you eliminate the need for medications as well as hypnosis to aid in regulating your sleep patterns.

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Driver Active8 Therapy Program

The Driver Active8 Program has evolved from a long history of being involved with drivers and passengers post motor vehicle accident.  Our long experience in this field has taught us some important lessons regarding treating trauma and fear of driving or being a passenger.

This is run as an individual program, and designed around your specific needs.

Patient to Person Program

The Patient to Person Program has evolved from our long history of working in the pain science space. We have watched people become trapped in a merry-go-round of treatments which do not add to their overall health and wellbeing. People start to reduce their function and lose their independence. Their day is filled with either appointments or they do nothing.

Returning to the community and life takes purpose and persistence. This 16-week program takes into account people’s abilities as well as disabilities and the roadblocks in their path.

The program is a combination of 1:1 and group work. Some sessions are face2face and others are via telehealth.

Art Therapy Programs

Studies suggest that Art Therapy can be beneficial in treating a broad range of issues including anxiety, depression, PTSD and even some phobias.

Creating and engaging with art helps you express emotions without words and process complex feelings which can help you find relief from what is causing you angst.

This is run as a group program but we also have 1:1 Art Therapy if you wish.

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Adult ADHD Therapy Programs

Information about ADHD and children seems to be everywhere – social media, YouTube, the news, letters home from teachers…. BUT what about adult ADHD?

We don’t grow out of ADHD – we often learn to adapt, or maybe not!

To assist in managing ADHD behaviour, we have designed a 10-week group program. This will be addressing many of the issues you may have encountered including identifying the symptoms of Adult ADHD, strategies of management, and turning your ADHD into a superpower.

CRPS Therapy Program

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is like that unwelcome guest who refuses to leave the party. It's a chronic pain condition that can develop after an injury, surgery, or even without any apparent cause. Imagine your body's pain alarm system going haywire, sending constant pain signals to your brain, even though the injury has healed. CRPS can cause intense pain, swelling, changes in skin temperature and colour, and stiffness in the affected limb.

It's like your body is throwing a temper tantrum, and no amount of soothing seems to calm it down. Living with CRPS can feel like navigating a maze with no exit, but with proper treatment and support, many people find ways to manage the pain and reclaim their lives.

Psychological treatment and brain retraining for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) offer a unique approach to managing this challenging condition. Think of it as hitting the "reset" button on your brain's pain processing system.