Our team has a diverse group of people who will work with you to determine your goals and together develop practical solutions and personalised health care and help you develop the skills of Purpose, Practice and Persistence when you choose Paragon PsychConnect.

PURPOSE - Everyone is full of possibilities – act with purpose.

PRACTICE - It’s just a wish unless you put it into practice.

PERSISTENCE - A good life is a process not a destination.

We value respect and integrity above all else. Respect for differences and diversity in our clients and our staff.


Motivator and Meerkat Anxiety Program Presenter

Brucee is our Meerkat volunteer presenter and the inspiration of our “Meerkat Anxiety Program”. All our clients love Brucee, young and old. Some have even found themselves a Brucee relative to help them manage their anxiety.

Follow Brucee’s adventures on Instagram Brucee_Adelaide

Keep your eyes peeled for our Meerkat Anxiety App being released in the near future! A collaboration between Brucee, Matt and Maria.


Brucee loves coffee, chocolate and travelling. He has had to do his travelling virtually during Covid-19 but can’t wait to get to New Zealand in 2022! He enjoys passing on words of wisdom and hugs to Paragon PsychConnect clients and his favourite saying is “Write your life in pencil, not pen, so you can make changes!”.

Maria Polymeneas

Senior Psychologist, Clinical Manager

Maria works with adolescents and adults in managing a variety of health conditions. She has over 2 decades of experience as a psychologist with her key areas of interest within the pain management, anxiety and capacity building arenas. She is one of the few expert psychologists in Australia in pain management. Maria is collaborative and practical in her approach to therapy and enjoys complex problems.


Maria loves nature, heights (always wanted wings), the water, all animals (yes…even snakes), cooking and has been a book worm since she started to read at 6!

Suzanne McKenzie


Suzanne has over 20 years' experience working with injured people following motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. Her area of study in organisational psychology where she has developed skills in emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, and individual and organisational development. She has an interest in pain management, anxiety disorders, relationship counselling and vocational training. Suzanne is passionate about supporting people in their journey to become resilient and independent.


Suzanne loves caravanning with her family, cooking, reading, and living a fit, healthy and fabulous life!

Karen Daminato

Occupational Therapist

Karen is a passionate occupational therapist who is a practical problem solver and will go the extra yard to help her clients. She loves working with individuals as well as running group programs. She will work collaboratively with the participant families and their allied health professionals to assist people to live their best lives. She has the ability to simplify complex problems and step the solution out in a way that is doable. Karen particularly enjoys working with people with behavioural and mental health issues both within the NDIS and in private practice. Karen also has an interest in anxiety, pain and pathways out of these conditions. Look for her in these group programs in the next few months (with Brucee as her assistant!).


Away from work, Karen loves spending time with her family, fur babies included. She enjoys walking and exploring new places outdoors.

Tania Reval

Counsellor, Business Manager

Tania has worked many years with vulnerable youth in the capacity of Counsellor and Therapeutic Youth Worker, with a primary focus on disability and mental health. Strong advocacy skills to ensure quiet voices are heard. She works alongside participants with a person centred and solution based approach to counselling, with a huge emphasis on fun and challenge.


A kid at heart, Tania loves all animals but particularly French Bulldogs. Loves to face her fears and challenge herself, scared of heights but loves to be flung up into the sky or jump out of a plane! Enjoys car shows, quad bike riding, aromatherapy, yoga, mediation and making people laugh.

Monica Detweiler


Monica has a great deal of experience with children and teenagers with special needs and her gentle and creative temperament (including the great hair) coaxes them out of their comfort zone. She has expertise in a diverse range of disciplines including, crisis support, mentoring, drug, and alcohol counselling and providing specialised psychological services to both youths and older adults (Gero-psychology). She has a passion for helping people who are struggling with mental health challenges and strives to assist them to maximise their wellbeing and fulfill their potential. We are all excited to be challenged by her.


Monica is sociable and outgoing but also approachable and kind. She Loves art, animals (especially cats and is agitating for us to get a therapy cat….), movies, nature, games and all things purple.

Sunit Sanghvi

Social Worker

Sunit has worked with vulnerable youth as a therapeutic youth worker using a combination of trauma-informed practice and a person-centred approach. He has also worked as a family advocate and provided some therapy to families involved in the child protection system. Sunit is driven to maximize people’s life outcomes by assisting them in capitalizing on their strengths and working with a person-centred approach. Creativity, positivity, humour, respect, collaboration, and trust are at the core of his practice.

He is looking forward to working with the Therapists at Paragon PsychConnect with both adults and teenagers. Keep an eye out for some of his practical group programs in the near future.


A little bit of everything is what makes Sunit tick! Martial arts (black belt), graphic design, photography, hiking and camping, exercise, guitar and singing (earplugs recommended), stand-up comedy, and F1 are some of his hobbies and interests. He maintains that a sense of humour and laughter carry us through our biggest challenges on this rollercoaster of life.

Matt Du Rieu


Born and raised in Adelaide, Matt has a broad range career experience spanning the public service, biotechnology and software development. Driven by an enthusiasm to share his passion for learning and understanding the world, mentorship allows him to empower others to embrace and explore their own passions while promoting inclusion and participation in the community. Working as a freelance Full-Stack software developer and hobbyist video-game developer, Matt seeks to aid others with interests in these areas to learn the skills they need to create their own projects and let their creativity flourish, whether as individuals, or as a group.


Among Matt’s main interests are science, technology, history and philosophy, which serve to fuel a passion for understanding the natural world. He has a keen fondness for rocketry and space, and is a graduate of the International Space University and winner of the 2015 NASA SpaceApps Challenge Adelaide. His favourite book is “Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid”, although he has never been able to convince anyone else to read it.

Stephanie Commisso

Administration Manager

Stephanie completed a Bachelor of Music specialising in solo performance in violin. She has worked extensively in the Fashion Industry, as a model, a stylist and in Management. During Covid lockdown in Melbourne, she paused and thought about what she really wanted to do with her life and decided to go back to university to study a postgraduate of diploma of psychology. She is thoroughly enjoying her study and hopes to be a clinical psychologist.

Stephanie’s desire to immerse herself into the world of psychology is why she was introduced to Paragon PsychConnect. She feels very blessed to be a part of this place that is making such an amazing and positive impact into people’s lives. And yes, she LOVES structure and organising people and events!


Stephanie loves animals, and has two cats, Didi and Elle. She really enjoys cooking and baking and loves going to great restaurants with her husband, friends, and family. She really likes to travel and to go on beachside holidays.