Our Team

Our team has a diverse group of people who will work with you to determine your goals and together develop practical solutions and personalised health care and help you develop the skills of Purpose, Practice and Persistence when you choose Paragon PsychConnect.

PURPOSE - Everyone is full of possibilities – act with purpose.

PRACTICE - It’s just a wish unless you put it into practice.

PERSISTENCE - A good life is a process not a destination.

We value respect and integrity above all else.  Respect for differences and diversity in our clients and our staff.


Motivator and Meerkat Anxiety Program Presenter

Brucee is our Meerkat volunteer presenter and the inspiration of our “Meerkat Anxiety Program”. All our clients love Brucee, young and old. Some have even found themselves a Brucee relative to help them manage their anxiety.  Follow Brucee’s adventures on Instagram Brucee_Adelaide .


Brucee loves coffee, chocolate and travelling. He had to do his travelling virtually during Covid-19 but loved New Zealand with Lucee and the Ski Team in 2022. Check out his photos from his Instagram page.

He enjoys passing on words of wisdom and hugs to Paragon PsychConnect clients and his favourite saying is “Write your life in pencil, not pen, so you can make changes!”.

Maria Polymeneas

Principal Psychologist, Clinical Manager

Maria works with adolescents and adults in managing a variety of health conditions. She has over 2 decades of experience as a psychologist with her key areas of interest within the pain management, anxiety and capacity building arenas. She is one of the few expert psychologists in Australia in pain management. Maria is collaborative and practical in her approach to therapy and enjoys complex problems.

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Association of Psychologists Inc.
  • Australian Pain Society


Maria loves nature, heights (always wanted wings), the water (check her canyoning blog), all animals (yes…even snakes), cooking and has been a book worm since she started to read at 6!

Latest Blog by Maria

Suzanne McKenzie


Suzanne has over 20 years' experience working with injured people following motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. Her area of study in organisational psychology where she has developed skills in emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, and individual and organisational development. She has an interest in pain management, anxiety disorders, relationship counselling and vocational training. Suzanne is passionate about supporting people in their journey to become resilient and independent.

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Psychological Society.


Suzanne loves caravanning with her family, cooking, reading, and living a fit, healthy and fabulous life!

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Simon (Simo) Tyler


Simon has five years’ experience as a psychologist with his key areas of interest being assisting a wide variety of populations experiencing anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Simon also has significant interest in male mental health and suicidality and is currently completing a PhD in this area after being awarded the inaugural Alison Milner Memorial Scholarship. Driven to ensure positive, client centred outcomes, Simon enjoys building the knowledge and practical capacity of those who engage with his services.


Simon loves going to the gym, watching sports of all kinds, and cheering as loudly as possible when the Port Adelaide Football Club play. Simon cannot get enough of snow skiing and spent a lot of his childhood in the Victorian ski fields, somewhere he returns at every opportunity.

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Mel Stone

Counsellor / Mentor

Mel has worked with vulnerable youth for years in the capacity of a therapeutic youth worker using art and creativity as a place of expectance and expression. As a counsellor, she has used her love for the outdoors and nature as an office at times with clients. Mel appreciates the majestic presence that animals can bring in therapy and is keen to train her gentled natured Serbian Husky Zena to become a therapy dog. She believes that as a counsellor, the journey with her clients is to support them to build upon their voice and live the life they are working towards. This is from a person centred, and solution-based approach as a counsellor.


I am young at heart curious by nature. I enjoy laughter, music, art, and challenging myself. I enjoy the coastline where I explore the beaches and go camping under the stars as I grew up on in the bush.  I enjoy riding my motorbike and will be known to hang up a leather jacket at work when not in by 4x4.

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Nathan Rudolph

Mentor / Allied Therapy Assistant

Nathan is a fun-loving person who enjoys the outdoors. He is a qualified carpenter with 5 years’ work experience in small business but is transitioning into the health sector; he is currently undertaking a Diploma in Health at University of South Australia and hopes to pursue further studies in Occupational Therapy. Nathan likes to help and assist people to create and find ways to enjoy life (even while doing those boring house chores).


Nathan enjoys outdoor activities such as soccer, snorkelling, surfing, and adventuring but also loves his down time with music, movies/TV series, board games, and time with family.

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Cameron Woodfin

Allied Therapy Assistant / Coordinator

For most of his adult life, Cameron has been a professional soccer player. Recently, he felt a need to challenge himself in other ways. Cameron has a bachelor's degree in psychology, with a minor in sociology, where he found a love for abnormal psychology, neuroscience, and collective behavior. He was trained in play therapy under his mentor while still in university. Cameron loves interacting with youth, so even while playing for a living, he coached 6-18 year olds in soccer. He is extremely passionate about helping others and will remain client-focused at all times.


Unsurprisingly, I love to play soccer! It has always been a passion of mine. Besides soccer, I enjoy playing guitar, playing video games with my friends back home, playing board games and card games of any type, and enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a cool day.

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Angela Salmon

Administration Manager

Angela has worked as an Administrator in Allied Health for over 15 years.  We have been blessed to have her agree to be our Admin Manager at Paragon PsychConnect even though some days it may feel like she is herding cats!  She keeps everything running beautifully and all our clients rave about her.

Angela is shy - that's her hiding behind all the Meerkats!


Angela loves watching Police and investigative dramas and trying weird and wonderful new food (no she doesn’t…. Maria keeps trying to get her to try strange food but so far no luck). She loves plants and is our Lego Queen and you will see many of her creations in Reception.