Compensable Referral

The Team at Paragon PsychConnect work with people who have sustained both psychological and physical injuries from work accidents and motor vehicle accidents. We specialise in pain management and anxiety management.

We also undertake independent assessments (work injuries, motor vehicle accidents, security licenses, victims of crime and other psycho-legal services).

We accept referrals from individuals, doctors, allied health professionals, insurance companies, RTWSA, Comcare, CTP SA, Government Departments, Employers, and lawyers.


Once you complete and submit the Compensable Referral form, the completed form will be sent to us, and emailed to you.

We will then contact you to discuss your needs.


Alternatively, if you cannot complete the online form below:

  • Either download and fill in a Compensable Referral PDF Form.  Then either email, or fax (08 7095 3485), it to us, or have a printed version brought to the appointment.
  • Or you can ring ( (08) 7095 3484), or fax (08 7095 3485), our office to make an appointment.
  • Or you can contact us by submitting an enquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Please note:

  • The required fields in the form below are marked with a red asterisk *.
  • If you cannot complete the form, an email will be sent to you after a time, with a web link to finish the form if you wish.  The Client First Name and Client Email Address must be entered for this to work.
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