Driver Active8 Therapy Program

About the Driver Active8 Therapy Program

Driver Active8 has evolved from a long history of being involved with drivers and passengers post motor vehicle accident. Our long experience in this field has taught us some important lessons regarding treating trauma and fear of driving/being a passenger.

People start to lose one of the more important abilities they have — INDEPENDENCE.

Did you know while desensitisation works, we also have to teach people skills of calming their Amygdala—or as we call it “the Meerkat brain”.

The Amygdala is the integrative centre in the brain for emotions, emotional behaviour, and motivation. So it makes sense that after an accident this part of the brain is hyperalert!

Goals of the Program

  • View driver/passenger anxiety as something that can be changed.
  • Teach people strategies to help them change their current responses.
  • To assist people to view themselves as active, resourceful and capable.
  • Help people identify links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours and to recognise unhelpful patterns.
  • Assist people to change these thoughts and feelings into positive patterns and to increase their confidence in their ability to maintain this.
  • Teach people to think about future problems and develop solutions to manage these situations.
  • Enjoy driving again and regain their Independence.

Structure of the Program

  • Pre-program assessment prior to commencement.
  • Meeting with a family member or friend to act as a “coach”.
  • 8-week program duration with a 90 min session per week. The desensitisation will be undertaken in the client’s car or the therapist’s car if a passenger.
  • Post program assessment.
  • Follow up 30 minute phone sessions at 1 month post program.

Working with the Client's Team

We believe in working closely with both the client, their treatment team and their case manager to facilitate best practice rehabilitation. We are transparent in our goals.

Prior to the program a client assessment is undertaken and a report and treatment plan is sent to all stakeholders.

A brief follow up review report is sent every 2 sessions so everyone can follow the progress.

We are happy to ring the client’s GP and case manager to discuss any concerns.

We are also happy to involve family members as “assistant coaches”.



Cost will vary depending on your needs. 

Please register your interest or please contact us for further information. 

For More Information

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