SOMNI Sleep Therapy Program

About the SOMNI Sleep Therapy Program

Research has shown that almost 60 per cent of people regularly experience at least one sleep symptom (like trouble falling or staying asleep), and 14.8 per cent have symptoms which could result in a diagnosis of clinical insomnia.

It has also shown that more female respondents than male respondents reported “often or always” worrying about getting a good night’s sleep (31% vs 21%) and being overwhelmed by thoughts when trying to sleep (35% vs 25%).

Many things can affect your sleep.

These can include:

  • Too much caffeine.
  • Too much use of devices.
  • Watching Vampire moves just before bed!
  • Shift work.
  • Pain or other health conditions.
  • Worry and rumination.


But did you know, good sleep can be trained?

Come and learn about sleep and how to train a good night’s sleep.  We do this in a group setting over 3 weeks, twice a week (6 sessions x 90 mins). This will include teaching you strategies of self-hypnosis.

Bring your pillow, teddy bear (or meerkat) and join us at Paragon PsychConnect to learn to Zzzzzzzz.

Read our blog on Sleep Therapy.

Goals of the Program

  1. Learn about sleep science.
  2. Learn new skills to retrain your sleep patterns and make them lasting.
  3. Learn self-hypnosis and how to use it to get to sleep.
  4. Have fun while you learn these new skills.

Structure of the Program

  • Pre-program assessment prior to commencement + a brief report.
  • 3-week (two 90 min sessions per week). The presenter will be a psychologist who has a great deal of expertise in sleep.
  • Post program assessment + brief report.
  • Workbook and hypnosis tracks will also be provided to the participants.

Programs are running throughout the year, so register your interest.


Many of our clients at Paragon PsychConnect present with sleep problems. 

We have tried to make this program as cost effective as possible so we are running it in a group setting. We also believe people learn best in groups! 

Our Sleep Program is for both compensable clients (paid for by RTWSA and the CTP insurances) and private clients (partially funded by Medicare).

Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible can complete the Sleep Program.

Please contact us to find out about costs if you are a private client as costs will differ depending on your circumstances (discount if on Centrelink payments).

Please register your interest or contact us for further information. 


At our office ( 303 Payneham Road Royston Park SA 5070 ) or via zoom (after an initial f2f session).

We have great car parking at our office for clients.

For More Information

For more information about the SOMNI Sleep Therapy Program please register your interest using the button below or phone (08) 7095 3484 or email us and we'll get back to you.

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