New Paragon PsychConnect Clients

For new clients only, if you have not already completed the Paragon PsychConnect New Client Form, please do so before your appointment.

The New Client Form is only required for your first appointment with Paragon PsychConnect.

Appointment Conditions

Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes. All following appointments will be 50 minutes.

When making a telehealth appointment, or changing a face2face appointment to telehealth, please let our receptionist know if you want this via zoom or via telephone.

If you are unable to keep this appointment, please contact us as soon as possible by phoning our office that you originally called.

Initial appointments cancelled without due notice will not be re-booked and full fees will be charged if we do not get 24 hours’ notice of cancellation for all appointments.

Consultation Fees

Private Client (Medicare and Private) Fees

Check with your Private Health for reimbursement rates.

DisciplineSupport ServiceHourly Rate
PsychologyAssessment and Therapy$190.00
(Medicare reimburses $88.25 if you have
a Mental Health Plan GP referral)
Assessment and Therapy (Centrelink recipients)$160.00 *
(Medicare reimburses $88.25 if you have
a Mental Health Plan GP referral)
Security AssessmentAssessment and Report$675.00 (incl gst)
Occupational TherapyAssessment and Therapy$190.00
Assessment and Therapy (Centrelink recipients)$160.00 *
CounsellingAssessment and Therapy$180.00
Assessment and Therapy (Centrelink recipients)$160.00 *
Group ProgramsVarious Group Programs (ask your therapist)Various fees

* If you are claiming the $160.00 concession rate, you need to be receiving the Aged Pension, Job Seeker allowance or Disability payments. Please bring your Centrelink concession card.


Report and Letter Fees

Reports and letters requested by clients (e.g., Centrelink, NDIS application, Legal, other) need to be negotiated and will be charged per hour.



For our NDIS fees, please refer to the NDIS Pricing.


RTWSA Allied Health Fees

For our RTWSA Allied Health fees, please refer to the RTWSA Pricing.