Private Persistent Pain Program

About the Private Persistent Pain Program

Persistent Pain is one of the most costly conditions to treat in our Health sector.  The total financial cost of chronic pain in Australia in 2018 was estimated to be $73.2 billion, comprising $12.2 billion in health system costs, $48.3 billion in productivity losses, and $12.7 billion in other financial costs, such as informal care, aids and modifications. See the Deloitte The Cost of Pain in Australia report.

While much research has been undertaken to explain the biological, social, psychological and neuroscientific basis of pain, the treatment of persistent pain is still predominantly medication and passive interventions (injections, massage, electrotherapy).

What we known is that pain is complex and requires a specific management framework based on a biopsychosocial model where your psychological state and social function is also taken into account.

The Private Persistent Pain Program has evolved from a long history of running pain programs in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs. Our experience in this field has taught us some important lessons regarding treating persistent pain and this has formed the structure and design of the program. 

Our 10-week (15 hr) group Pain program is run by our very experienced psychologists.

We have tried to make this program cost effective so people can afford to attend.

For Private, or Non-Compensable, clients this is partially funded by Medicare.

Goals of the Program

  1. To accept that pain is a challenge that can be overcome with effective management strategies.
  2. To empower people with practical strategies to shift their responses and effectively manage both pain and its symptoms. Or even eradicate persistent pain.
  3. To assist people to recognize the connections between their thoughts, emotions, and actions, enabling them to identify and break free from unhelpful patterns.
  4. To assist people to change these thoughts and feelings into positive patterns and to increase their confidence in their ability to maintain these changes.
  5. To teach people to think about future problems and develop solutions to manage these situations.
  6. To change poor health beliefs to allow people to participate fully in life.

Structure of the Program

  • Pre-program assessments prior to commencement. A brief report is sent to the GP (with a copy to the client).
  • Meeting with a family member or friend to act as a “coach” is preferred.
  • 10-week group program with one 90 min session per week.
  • End of program assessments with a brief report sent to the GP (with a copy to the client). This will look at outcomes, identify any ongoing pain management as well as other health management requirements.

Working with the Client's Team

Persistent Pain is an increasingly prevalent issue in our community, and it's becoming evident that its treatment should encompass a broader scope than previously believed, extending beyond simple interventions.

Self-management skills are also crucial, and the individual themselves should be an integral part of the treatment team.

We understand that pain is a complex phenomenon that requires a tailored approach using a biopsychosocial model, with a growing recognition of the brain's significant role in pain management.

Our team of therapists are knowledgeable pain scientists who prioritize brain re-education as a foundation for pain retraining.

We believe in working closely with both the client, their GP, specialists and other health professionals to assist in best practice management.


We are very aware of the scale of the pain problem currently in Australia.

We have been running Pain Programs for Compensable (Insurance) clients for many years and we have tailored this 10-week Pain Program for private clients to be as cost effective as possible.

Our goal is to ensure that as many people as possible can complete the program and find relief from their pain.

Medicare will pay a portion for private, non-compensable clients.

* Discount if on Centrelink payments

Please register your interest or please contact us for further information. 


At our office ( 303 Payneham Road Royston Park SA 5070 ) or via zoom (after an initial f2f session).

We have great car parking at our office for clients.

For More Information

For more information about the Private Persistent Pain Program please register your interest using the button below or phone (08) 7095 3484 or email us and we'll get back to you.

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